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About Us

The Story of Embalm 


My name is Mel and I am the founder of Embalm Skincare. My journey to creating natural skincare products began when I experienced a severe allergic reaction to hand sanitiser. I started to question and research the ingredients in skin and personal care products and was shocked at what I found. I also discovered products on the market that lead consumers to believe they are natural, when in fact there were discrepancies between what the products were promising and what they were delivering

Enthused by this deception, I launched Embalm Skincare to provide women with a safe and healthy alternative they can trust 100%.

Once upon time, women knew the value of self-care. Taking not just moments, but time to nurture, nourish and care for their body, mind and soul.  Deeply connected to the world around them these women would gather the goodness of nature to blend exquisite beauty treatments

In the modern day, with the world much faster paced, women are overcome by the need to juggle an exhaustive number of commitments, which means self-care is often the first thing to get neglected.

Inspired by the ancient practices I have blended a luxurious range of natural skincare products, each designed to reveal your skin’s natural radiance.

I want woman to fall back in love with themselves and find time for self-care, to prioritise time for themselves again, we as women deserve that!

Embalm Skincare was born from my whole-hearted belief in the power of nature and driven by my desire and passion to create a naturally gentle, hand-crafted alternative to mainstream products.  Something that goes beyond the “short-term fix” and temporary improvements in appearance, which are often caused by a list of chemical ingredients that can be harmful in the long term.

I have forgone numerous chemicals, including parabens, which can cause irritation and reactions in those who are sensitive. With their long-term use causing redness and dryness – ultimately making us feel worse…

Going natural doesn’t mean compromising on quality. In fact, I believe the quality of my products will not only make you look good, but contribute to your overall wellbeing as you will feel confident knowing what you’re putting on your skin.

So, with that in mind, I invite you to try my products and share in the experience. I am confident that once you try them, it will be a positive change for the future.

Yours in glowing skin,